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Bathroom Plants

Even the most elaborately designed bathroom suite can still feel a little uninviting. As a typically sterile environment, used mainly for necessities like bathing, or going to the toilet, anything you can do to make it feel a little more welcoming and alive will work wonders.

One typical way of enlivening your bathroom is to introduce a few potted plants. Bathrooms, on the surface, seemingly make for ideal plant environments - an abundance of water, a humid quality to the air, and a source of natural light via the windows. But in reality, whilst some plants will blossom in such conditions, for others it can be fatal.

So today, we are going to look for those plants that combine all of the elements we want. Namely, the ability to survive in humid conditions, and the looks to make the bathroom look easier on the eye. Thankfully, there are quite a few plants that match this criteria.


Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has long been cherished for the healing capabilities of its gel. But the plant can do so much more beyond that, going so far as to even help purify the air in your bathroom. It thrives in humid and damp conditions, and is incredibly durable - its low light needs means it can even be put in a bathroom without windows.



Bamboo placed on a bathroom floor will always grow towards a light source. If you have the time and inclination you can use this fact, combined with a little apparatus, to make it grow into weird and wonderful shapes. It requires a fair amount of water, but being in a bathroom that shouldn’t be a problem.



Ferns work well in humid, bright bathrooms, but you do have to be careful. Too much direct sunlight, or none at all, and the fern won’t grow properly. Thankfully, its watering needs are easier to interpret - when the soil is dry to the touch, give it a quick shower.



A fantastic combination of stunning beauty and surprising durability, orchids are best situated in front of a large window. As tropical plants, they enjoy the sunlight provided by big windows, and can go for a while without water.


Rubber Plant

Yet another low maintenance plant which doesn’t need much watering or sunlight, rubber plants come with the added benefit of removing toxic compounds from the air in your bathroom.


Snake Plant

Snake plants go by many names, from mother-in-law’s tongue (read into that what you will), to sansevieria trifasciata. This plant not only has the required looks, but it also has a unique selling point, being that it releases oxygen at night, whereas most other plants release oxygen during the day. So when combined with another plant in your bathroom, you’ll enjoy improved air quality 24/7.


There are several more plants that can look great and stay healthy in your bathrooms, and many more on top that won’t last long in the humid environment. To be on the safe side next time you go shopping for bathroom plants, make sure you ask one of the in-house experts for more information.