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Bathroom Plants

Posted on 16th October 2015
Even the most elaborately designed bathroom suite can still feel a little uninviting. As a typically sterile environment, used mainly for necessities like bathing, or going to the toilet, anything you can do to make it feel a little more welcoming and alive will work wonders. One... Read more

What The Heck Is A Bottle Trap?

Posted on 12th October 2015
When remodelling your bathroom you may often come across words or phrases you have never heard before. Bathroom jargon can seem like a language of its own, and sometimes we discover names for things which are frequently overlooked, but are essential in maintaining the functionality of... Read more

Can I Drink Bathroom Tap Water?

Posted on 5th October 2015
Ever woken up in the middle of the night with a dry mouth, but think the trek downstairs to the kitchen for a glass of water is just too much to handle? In this situation, you've probably decided it would be quicker just to go to your upstairs bathroom instead.... Read more

How To Avoid Clogging The Sink After Shaving

Posted on 2nd October 2015
If you're of the male persuasion, you may be familiar with the age-old problem of clogging up the bathroom sink with your facial hair maintenance. Hair shavings can cause issues such as a slow draining sink and whiskers attaching themselves with static adhesion to every surface within... Read more

Bathroom Remodelling Guide

Posted on 24th September 2015
So you want to remodel your bathroom! The prospect is probably a little bit overwhelming and you might not have a clue where to start. You're probably browsing the Internet looking through popular bathroom designs and thinking "my bathroom will never look that good" - WELL YOU'RE... Read more

The Benefits Of White Bathroom Furniture

Posted on 23rd September 2015
A design classic, most bathroom furniture is white. You can't really go wrong with a white suite, the arguments in favour are endless, and most people will always choose timeless white ceramics over more divisive colours. You may disagree and think of white... Read more

Wallpaper In The Bathroom

Posted on 14th September 2015
Wallpaper is making a bit of a comeback in the world of interior design. Whether or not to incorporate this trend into your bathroom suite, however, can be a somewhat tricky decision to make.  Traditionally, bathroom walls are tiled or painted, and in more recent years wet... Read more

What Is A Vanity Unit?

Posted on 10th September 2015
When you start to redecorate your bathroom, you are likely to come across a lot of industry terms you may be unfamiliar with. The rise of the internet and DIY has lead to bath stores using more and more specific terms instead of generalising. A “Fully-Recessed Basin”, anyone? It can be... Read more

Things You Shouldn't Flush Down The Toilet

Posted on 2nd September 2015
Did you know that you use 3 gallons of water every time you flush? And that sewage systems were designed to only carry the 3 Ps – paper, pee and poo? Anything else sent down the toilet can lead to blockages, which in turn can lead to cracks. Broken pipes lead to all... Read more

Sharing A Bathroom

Posted on 28th August 2015
Getting married? Moving away to university? Buying your first home together? Then you'd better get used to sharing!  Whether living with complete strangers or within your family home, sharing certain rooms can be a delicate issue. You may think the fight over the TV or who... Read more

Why You Shouldn't Leave The Toilet Seat Up

Posted on 25th August 2015
It seems that every day, a new study comes out that reports on the discovery of the next most disgusting every day item you had spent years understandably thinking was fine to use. Recently it has been discovered that beards are full of faecal matter, your mobile phone has 18 times... Read more

Small Bathroom Inspiration

Posted on 19th August 2015
Furnishing a small bathroom can be problematic, however there are many space-saving solutions available on the market which can ensure that your suite is both efficient and ergonomic.   Wall Hung Furniture A wall hung basin takes up less room than a traditional... Read more

Luxury Hotel Bathroom Inspiration

Posted on 14th August 2015
During summer holiday season, it is only natural that you will experience the phenomenon known as Hotel Bathroom Envy. To be offered a glimpse into how the other half must live and the luxury of a roll top bath or waterfall shower on a daily basis, and then to return home to your... Read more

Welcome To Diamond Bathrooms

Posted on 14th August 2015
Welcome to the new and improved Diamond Bathrooms! Diamond Bathrooms are dedicated to bringing you, our customers, the best in bathroom furniture and appliances. As a solely online retailer we can pass the savings we make on to you! Whatever you are looking for when it comes to... Read more